Facebook Advertising and Practice

  • What key objectives can be satisfied with Facebook Advertising? 

Proper Facebook advertising can be extremely efficient, giving our brand a long and successful story in the market. 

However there are pillars that need to be strong in order to maintain healthy business model. 

Facebook advertising helps in this process.

The key objectives when using Facebook ads or advertising is:

  1. Awareness – we generate visibility in the market for our brand thru brand awareness and by reaching as many people as we want in our target audience. Nowadays there is millions of people on Facebook according to Statista (Tankovska,H.2021) 2.7 million are registered on Facebook. 
  2. Consideration – we let our target audience to consider our brand & products. Consideration is reached within website traffic, app downloads, post views, engagement , lead generation and conversation or interaction. Consideration for our brand will make our audience make a choice between us and someone else in order to satisfy their needs. 
  3. Conversion – this means sales, visits to our store and in general everything that will give us higher chances of a sale. Once we have a conversation, then we gain a customer and as the famous saying ‘ its harder to get a new customer than maintain a old one’ 
  • What are the main Facebook advertising formats available? 

As technology advances, so does the amount of variable formats for advertising as per Social Media Worldwide (Essa,C. 2020).

Currently there are 5 different formats available for Facebook advertising and each one of them perform in different ways. 

This also means that the 5 different formats give us different results depending on your target audience. 

  1. Image – still images in order to advertise something, very traditional method
  2. Video – showing your content in a video format, moving images 
  3. Carrousel – Letting you showing 2 or more images/videos into one single post. 
  4. Instant Experience – this is a fullscreen experience that opens up once it’s cleaned. This type of add emphasises the visual and audio senses of the target audience as it is usually a high  definition content format. 
  5. Collection – This type of ad is mostly used with retail in order to drive and optimise conversions. It places products that are smilier together which is called cross selling.   
  • How can you target audiences when creating a Facebook advertisement? 

Targeting audiences when creating a Facebook advertising is done through the Ads Manager section. This will help us focus on our users and creating a profile for our potential customers as per (M.Lister, 2020).

As we go into ‘Assets’ we will be given a choice to click on ‘Audiences’, giving us three types:

  1. Saved audiences – these are audiences that are defined by choosing peoples interests, location, aged , gender, income level. We can choose exactly what type of person we want to reach. Also it allows us to be realistic with our business as if we are a small business or brand we would look at targeting our locals and not countries that we cannot reach or people with a income level that cannot afford our products or services. 
  2. Custom audiences – these are ones that can be customisable to past website visitors and people who have engaged with our content in our social media platforms. This tends to be the most high-value target audiences according to AdEspresso. 
  3. Lookalike audiences – this lets you reach people that are similar to your current customer, that makes them high chancers to convert to our product as well.
  • Explain keys elements that make a great Facebook advertisement. 

Upon extensive research on blogs and posts from different websites. I have come to a final 5 most important elements a great Facebook advertisement should have . 

  1. Knowing your ultimate objective for your advertisement such as what is the conversion – it is important to develop a successful campaign 
  2. Knowing your audience and how to market for them – it is not worth it to splash funds on a campaign that is not targeting the right people. We need ton focus on the target audience that we will see wins.
  3. Remarketing your audience – this meaning we need to always take into consideration the audience who has already ‘put one step in’, meaning they have already had some sort of interaction with us. Utilise this information to re market our product to them , at the end of the day they have already an interest for us. 
  4. Enhance value to the product – show the real value for the product followed by a call to action to purchase the product. This gives best of both worlds as customers will see what they paying is worth it and holds value. 
  5. Testing different strategies A/B– a good Facebook Advertisement should have more than a 2 way to be tested. This way we can measure which is more successful and also test our audience and how they like to be approached. This is a tactic that is used with frequency in marketing. 


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