Important Skills in Digital Marketing

My 3 most fundamental skills in Digital Marketing:

  1. Organisation and project management skills – Managing and running different socials for a specific period of time and making sure the information is coherent is important for any brand. Keeping messaging and visuals professional and releasing content on a scheduled basis is effecting to building a brand.
  2. SEO – SEO is important to keep your webpage at the top. It is important to know how to analyse it so we can better our content before publishing. It is priority to have quality content as search engines will always prfioritize & see it as high-quality content.
  3. Advanced Social Media knowledge – This skill is important as nowadays social media becomes the backbone of any new business. Using social media at its full capabilities is enough to get the ball rolling. Paid Advertising, linking socials, basics, these are great skills to master within the social media platforms.

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