Facebook Advertising and Practice

  • What key objectives can be satisfied with Facebook Advertising? 

Proper Facebook advertising can be extremely efficient, giving our brand a long and successful story in the market. 

However there are pillars that need to be strong in order to maintain healthy business model. 

Facebook advertising helps in this process.

The key objectives when using Facebook ads or advertising is:

  1. Awareness – we generate visibility in the market for our brand thru brand awareness and by reaching as many people as we want in our target audience. Nowadays there is millions of people on Facebook according to Statista (Tankovska,H.2021) 2.7 million are registered on Facebook. 
  2. Consideration – we let our target audience to consider our brand & products. Consideration is reached within website traffic, app downloads, post views, engagement , lead generation and conversation or interaction. Consideration for our brand will make our audience make a choice between us and someone else in order to satisfy their needs. 
  3. Conversion – this means sales, visits to our store and in general everything that will give us higher chances of a sale. Once we have a conversation, then we gain a customer and as the famous saying ‘ its harder to get a new customer than maintain a old one’ 
  • What are the main Facebook advertising formats available? 

As technology advances, so does the amount of variable formats for advertising as per Social Media Worldwide (Essa,C. 2020).

Currently there are 5 different formats available for Facebook advertising and each one of them perform in different ways. 

This also means that the 5 different formats give us different results depending on your target audience. 

  1. Image – still images in order to advertise something, very traditional method
  2. Video – showing your content in a video format, moving images 
  3. Carrousel – Letting you showing 2 or more images/videos into one single post. 
  4. Instant Experience – this is a fullscreen experience that opens up once it’s cleaned. This type of add emphasises the visual and audio senses of the target audience as it is usually a high  definition content format. 
  5. Collection – This type of ad is mostly used with retail in order to drive and optimise conversions. It places products that are smilier together which is called cross selling.   
  • How can you target audiences when creating a Facebook advertisement? 

Targeting audiences when creating a Facebook advertising is done through the Ads Manager section. This will help us focus on our users and creating a profile for our potential customers as per (M.Lister, 2020).

As we go into ‘Assets’ we will be given a choice to click on ‘Audiences’, giving us three types:

  1. Saved audiences – these are audiences that are defined by choosing peoples interests, location, aged , gender, income level. We can choose exactly what type of person we want to reach. Also it allows us to be realistic with our business as if we are a small business or brand we would look at targeting our locals and not countries that we cannot reach or people with a income level that cannot afford our products or services. 
  2. Custom audiences – these are ones that can be customisable to past website visitors and people who have engaged with our content in our social media platforms. This tends to be the most high-value target audiences according to AdEspresso. 
  3. Lookalike audiences – this lets you reach people that are similar to your current customer, that makes them high chancers to convert to our product as well.
  • Explain keys elements that make a great Facebook advertisement. 

Upon extensive research on blogs and posts from different websites. I have come to a final 5 most important elements a great Facebook advertisement should have . 

  1. Knowing your ultimate objective for your advertisement such as what is the conversion – it is important to develop a successful campaign 
  2. Knowing your audience and how to market for them – it is not worth it to splash funds on a campaign that is not targeting the right people. We need ton focus on the target audience that we will see wins.
  3. Remarketing your audience – this meaning we need to always take into consideration the audience who has already ‘put one step in’, meaning they have already had some sort of interaction with us. Utilise this information to re market our product to them , at the end of the day they have already an interest for us. 
  4. Enhance value to the product – show the real value for the product followed by a call to action to purchase the product. This gives best of both worlds as customers will see what they paying is worth it and holds value. 
  5. Testing different strategies A/B– a good Facebook Advertisement should have more than a 2 way to be tested. This way we can measure which is more successful and also test our audience and how they like to be approached. This is a tactic that is used with frequency in marketing. 


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How Social Media Advertising supports an organisation’s overall Digital Marketing Efforts

Social Media has become an extremely powerful tool. Not only for new businesses trying to break through the market but also big corporations that have been in the market space for longer. 

Social Media has given every business the chance to speak directly towards their target market, it has also helped businesses make the most of their advertising spends and this leading to higher ROI or return on investment. According to Strikesocial (Lyn Pedotto), ROI on social media ads is something unbeatable, as the most cost effective way to advertising your business, being the average cost of cost per click on google adwords $2.32 across all industries , but for a targeted boost post on Facebook or Pinterest you can pay as little as $0.12.

Not limited to that , Social media advertising increase customers loyalty to a brand, top of mind choice to customers and ultimately sales.

It generates a great conversation with our customers but also leads them to our websites, generating more traffic in all platforms businesses are present in. 

Planning social media advertising is vital for a successful campaign or impact towards our target market.  

As Smart Insights (Gary Henderson, 2020), mentions that ‘ a well-thought-out plan is not enough if its not implemented in the same way’, this tell us a lot about implementation and full utilisation of digital marketing efforts will make an impact, this include social media advertising. 

CoSchedule Blog (Brady Dukart, 2018) states that 97% of marketers are using social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media , which clearly shows us the power of social media advertising. Sales become easier than your traditional old ways such as cold calling, street marketing, tv adverts, etc. 

Social Media advertising also helped keep thing simple in terms of budget spent on marketing and more traceable. 

Through social media advertising it is also easier to change strategy if something is not working without requiring massive and drastic changes that might comprise the business. 

According to (J.Clement, 2020) over 3,6 million people were using social media worldwide, which gives one of the main reasons to why strong social media advertising is important.


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Digital Marketing Channels – Assignment 7

1 – Special promotion email campaign. In this case Gopro, one of the most known action camera brands, uses email marketing to communicate to their customers (they use a database of people who have purchased their product previously, when registering a new purchase), special prices and special promotions ahead. 

In this case a 100 euros off promotion (check screenshot bellow) with a call to action button. 

2 – Newsletter email marketing approach. Taking Resident Advisor as a best case practice, they utilise a newsletter type approach to their email marketing as it keeps subscribers educated in various forms. They share podcasts , news, reviews and highlights of the week to electronic music enthusiasts. This shows and caters for all types of people interested in different content forms (e.g. video, hearing, reading )

Check the screenshots bellow 

3 – Father’s day promotion. Email marketing delivered or targeted for specific special dates. In this case from Netflorist, a South African, florist and gift company that sends an email with special promotions for father’s day. This allows people not only to purchase a present for their parents but also creates a special bond between customer and Netflorist because the customer will know that if they unsubscribe they will perhaps forget such a special date. This is just an example for one of the companies I follow and I think best utilises special dates for email marketing. 

Check the screenshot bellow. 

4 – New Product email marketing. Jack Daniels in this case used email marketing to launch and educate subscribers about they new product. Pairing beautiful design with their brand identity, leaving the subscribers with an immense sense of failing on missing out (FOMO). The communication used is careful yet with giving the subscribers an experience of the product just by reading. 

This allows JD to get a call to action on the same mail. This will help in a trial of the product as well as great amount of sales. 

They also do a great job on linking their Facebook page so that they encourage subscribers to leave feedback. 

Check the screenshot bellow.  

5 – Cooperative email marketing. Tick ( a time tracking software that is used to keep projects on track ) together with Apple, most specific apple watch. The fact that the system can be used in an apple watch makes it a cooperative campaign . It allows both companies to reach their target audience , in this case Business man , people who pay attention to their time on individual projects, allowing them to see the functionality of both products at once. 

Check bellow for screenshot.  

 What to avoid in email marketing?

1 – Pestering subscribers with emails and follow ups. 

In my opinion, this does not work in favour for any company, even we try our best to always be top of mind to our subscribers, this can lead the other way around and damage our brand. We also lose subscribers and credibility as a brand, because we will be looking too desperate in the eyes of our subscribers. 

2 – Neglecting mobile users. If our email marketing campaign is not mobile friendly, this will damage the whole campaign. 

As mentioned in previous assignments, most of the people online are using and accessing the online world via their mobile devices. If we cater for them, then there is a high probability of having a successful campaign and more engagement. 

3 – Forgetting a call to action. In every email marketing campaign we always have the objective of generating or increasing our business. We should always remember to establish a call to action button in our email marketing so that our subscribers are consuming our information/products/services and we are reaching out goals towards a successful campaign. Call to action can be a purchase, download, sign up, view , listen. 


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Task 2 : Assignment 5

Notes for Task 2

  • TripAdvisor, became the place to go if you needed a review. People share their first hand experiences at a specific place, city, institution. 
  • Airbnb online experiences is probably the best example of content marketing as Airbnb knowing there is travelling restrictions, is still giving a monetised platform for those who are worried about their hospitality income. This saves a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry and keeps everyone sane. Comparing to other agencies/travel companies , they were the ones to innovate and overcome the COVID Challenge. 
  • Intrepid blog comes up on top as it describes the raw part of travelling where travel enthusiasts want to live everything as it should be without any luxuries. This blog enables people to shares stories and imagine themselves on thrilling adventures.

Link for full presentation for Assignment 5 -> https://www.slideshare.net/Ricardtorrao/inbound-and-social-media-marketing-assignment-5

Link for Video pitch -> https://youtu.be/n3k4kydTwC4

Assignment 4 : Task 1

A brand comes from a way of identifying a certain organisation with a specific of value, perception, propose, skillset and offering. When brands have this in place, they differentiate from each other on various aspects of their offerings leading to different brands having different attributes and what they actually stand for. 

Within branding there is personal branding and corporate branding. 

Corporate branding comes as a representation of a whole institution or company. Where different departments put together, work towards a vision and objective of this bigger picture. While personal branding exists within corporate branding. Personal branding is a representation on each one of us and how we are distinct from each other and how we can valuable our abilities can be to others. 

Personal branding is about finding our unique capabilities and building a reputation around them. It’s about becoming unique and seeing a value for it. 

Social media has given a great push towards personal branding in our generation. Social media has allowed everyone to expose themselves in terms of their abilities and what they can offer to other people and corporations (e.g Influencers, free lancers).

The use of social media also allows for personal branding to generate constant growth. If we focus on personal branding development within social media, we can use this for:

  • Redirection links from our main social media pages to our blogs, which allows to increase engagement with potential clients
  • Engagement surveys, which allows our viewers or followers to exchange their views and their habits allowing us to accommodate our content for them (increase engagement and follower base plus credibility)
  • Running our own podcasts or even webinars, which allow for your followers to get a closer look into our personal branding and our uniqueness. This also serves as a platform to showcase information in a more updated way other than just text. 

Some great personal branding that I have come across are the likes of :

  • Elon Musk ( Founder of Tesla, even thou he can be controversial at times, he has developed very strong personal branding that his name is known all over the world every time there are talks about technology)
  • Casey Neistat ( vlogger, known for his attitude towards pushing the boundaries and disruptive ideation when creating videos for his followers)

– Murray, R. 2017. What is the difference between a Personal Brand and a Corporate Brand?. [Online]. [20 May 2020]. Available from: https://robert-murray.com/personal-vs-corporate-brand/

– Cardello, J. 2019. 18 effective personal branding examples done right. [Online]. [20 May 2020]. Available from: https://webflow.com/blog/personal-branding-examples

Assignment 3

Inbound marketing consists of ways, plans and maximising opportunities that will generate a positive impact on possible clients & our business. 

Building Strategies in different funnels in order to attract potential clients and existing ones to our different digital platforms. It doesn’t stop there, we are also converting those visitors and interaction into becoming full time customers. 

Customers need not only to be attracted by our marketing but also sales & customer support when they most need it. 

Bringing it to a wheel of Attracting – Engaging – Delight . 

Building a strong inbound marketing gets our customers and prospects closer to our business as well as give them a sense of intimate relationship with the business. Brings a sense of comfortability and confidence.

In this task we we analyse two organisations that perform their inbound marketing in different effective ways but also identifying their weaknesses. 

These are Air New Zealand & New World a New Zealand based supermarket. 

Air New Zealand

As the main airline from New Zealand , a great inbound marketing is needed. Creating a great practice in this field not only makes the business grow for them but also makes the Locals proud and supportive towards their local airline over others. 

Their website design is of great looks & easy navigation. It is clear in their communication but also inviting towards the visitors in navigating the whole offer. Navigation leads to Offers, Rewards programs in the forms of Air-points / Miles scheme, Car rentals, hotel bookings (with partnership with Expedia) and a big highlight  to the smart content in the page as it’s detected the customers IP address it generates content related to where the visitor is navigating from  (my case Asia, it is showing me the best destinations in Asia).

There is also a very easy connection to the rest of the social media such as : Instagram , Facebook , Youtube & Twitter ; with content up to date.

New World Supermarket

As a very well know online supermarket and physical store for those who support the local production of goods, their approach to inbound marketing is noticeable. 

Their website is of easy navigation and with great focus on Price point promotions, online store & recipes for customer satisfaction. Social media is up to date interactive as well. 

With these two organisations in hand I have noticed strengths and weaknesses in both:

Air New Zealand

S: Great focus on navigation & engagement with customer in order to achieve sales.

W: Lack of movement in website (videos, moving images), some of the images are still a little bit cliche. 

New World 

S: Playbook showing the items that are on Special and the navigation within. Price drop promotions leads for customers to purchase online rather than going to the physical store. Survey system also gives them a win situation with customers. 

W: Lack of bots in order for customers to feel there is a closer communication and assistance which could lead to Delight and conversion. Lack of Video Content. 

In my opinion the best organisation within their inbound marketing is Air New Zealand as for the way all components interact with each other. As a potential customer I learn about the product  (offers, deals related to me ) – ATTRACT , following engaging content – ENGAGE  & having assistance straight away from a Bot – DELIGHT. This gives a full marketing inbound experience for the customer. 


HubSpot (2019). What is Inbound Marketing? | HubSpot. [online] Hubspot.com. Available at: https://www.hubspot.com/inbound-marketing. [ Accessed 13 Nov 2019]

Task 3 – Technology impact in the World

Brief Story of the Internet

Internet originated in 1960, although mostly used and developed by the Government as it required a lot of equipment to be ran as well as a certain level of expertise in technology. It was used for communications that needed to be safe and of very high confidentiality.

The internet when on to spread and now it has become something more than half of the world has access to.

Out of 7.16 Billion people, 4.14 Billion have access to the internet!

Access to the Internet

Past 5 years the access to the internet has become easier. Depending where we are situated there will always be a difference in speed & accessibility. Not forgetting that whichever the device we are using will also interfere in these two points.

Different countries will also have differences when it comes to access to the internet , more developed countries will have an easier and faster acess such as for example Asia, Europe, America comparing to Africa. However super important to mention a great growth in internet users YOY, with Africa on top of the list with a 20% growth.

The most popular digital devices used by the audience is by order : Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets & Others such as Gaming Devices.

The most common and hit websites on the web are Youtube. Facebook & Google. This gives us the information that most of the users of the Internet are consuming Video Information rather than text or any other form.

Youtube is a platform with an estimate daily visitor of 5x a day for anyone who has access to the internet in the world.

Apart from consuming information , we have now moved from visiting physical stores to online stores. 62% of Americans are now purchasing products online at least once a month ! This creates a huge impact on the physical stores as they cant compete with Online store expenses.

The Internet has also allowed us to reach and make use of it for different things such as networking, sharing music, gaming & online financial services which makes life simple for a lot of people.

We citizens of the world have now become dependant on the internet and technology in general.

We have become lazier in certain things but smarter in technology.

Please find full presentation : https://www.slideshare.net/Ricardtorrao/assignment-2-evolution-of-digital-marketing

Video presentation : https://youtu.be/fiZLh95Bi5c