How Social Media Advertising supports an organisation’s overall Digital Marketing Efforts

Social Media has become an extremely powerful tool. Not only for new businesses trying to break through the market but also big corporations that have been in the market space for longer. 

Social Media has given every business the chance to speak directly towards their target market, it has also helped businesses make the most of their advertising spends and this leading to higher ROI or return on investment. According to Strikesocial (Lyn Pedotto), ROI on social media ads is something unbeatable, as the most cost effective way to advertising your business, being the average cost of cost per click on google adwords $2.32 across all industries , but for a targeted boost post on Facebook or Pinterest you can pay as little as $0.12.

Not limited to that , Social media advertising increase customers loyalty to a brand, top of mind choice to customers and ultimately sales.

It generates a great conversation with our customers but also leads them to our websites, generating more traffic in all platforms businesses are present in. 

Planning social media advertising is vital for a successful campaign or impact towards our target market.  

As Smart Insights (Gary Henderson, 2020), mentions that ‘ a well-thought-out plan is not enough if its not implemented in the same way’, this tell us a lot about implementation and full utilisation of digital marketing efforts will make an impact, this include social media advertising. 

CoSchedule Blog (Brady Dukart, 2018) states that 97% of marketers are using social media and 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media , which clearly shows us the power of social media advertising. Sales become easier than your traditional old ways such as cold calling, street marketing, tv adverts, etc. 

Social Media advertising also helped keep thing simple in terms of budget spent on marketing and more traceable. 

Through social media advertising it is also easier to change strategy if something is not working without requiring massive and drastic changes that might comprise the business. 

According to (J.Clement, 2020) over 3,6 million people were using social media worldwide, which gives one of the main reasons to why strong social media advertising is important.


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