Digital Marketing Channels – Assignment 7

1 – Special promotion email campaign. In this case Gopro, one of the most known action camera brands, uses email marketing to communicate to their customers (they use a database of people who have purchased their product previously, when registering a new purchase), special prices and special promotions ahead. 

In this case a 100 euros off promotion (check screenshot bellow) with a call to action button. 

2 – Newsletter email marketing approach. Taking Resident Advisor as a best case practice, they utilise a newsletter type approach to their email marketing as it keeps subscribers educated in various forms. They share podcasts , news, reviews and highlights of the week to electronic music enthusiasts. This shows and caters for all types of people interested in different content forms (e.g. video, hearing, reading )

Check the screenshots bellow 

3 – Father’s day promotion. Email marketing delivered or targeted for specific special dates. In this case from Netflorist, a South African, florist and gift company that sends an email with special promotions for father’s day. This allows people not only to purchase a present for their parents but also creates a special bond between customer and Netflorist because the customer will know that if they unsubscribe they will perhaps forget such a special date. This is just an example for one of the companies I follow and I think best utilises special dates for email marketing. 

Check the screenshot bellow. 

4 – New Product email marketing. Jack Daniels in this case used email marketing to launch and educate subscribers about they new product. Pairing beautiful design with their brand identity, leaving the subscribers with an immense sense of failing on missing out (FOMO). The communication used is careful yet with giving the subscribers an experience of the product just by reading. 

This allows JD to get a call to action on the same mail. This will help in a trial of the product as well as great amount of sales. 

They also do a great job on linking their Facebook page so that they encourage subscribers to leave feedback. 

Check the screenshot bellow.  

5 – Cooperative email marketing. Tick ( a time tracking software that is used to keep projects on track ) together with Apple, most specific apple watch. The fact that the system can be used in an apple watch makes it a cooperative campaign . It allows both companies to reach their target audience , in this case Business man , people who pay attention to their time on individual projects, allowing them to see the functionality of both products at once. 

Check bellow for screenshot.  

 What to avoid in email marketing?

1 – Pestering subscribers with emails and follow ups. 

In my opinion, this does not work in favour for any company, even we try our best to always be top of mind to our subscribers, this can lead the other way around and damage our brand. We also lose subscribers and credibility as a brand, because we will be looking too desperate in the eyes of our subscribers. 

2 – Neglecting mobile users. If our email marketing campaign is not mobile friendly, this will damage the whole campaign. 

As mentioned in previous assignments, most of the people online are using and accessing the online world via their mobile devices. If we cater for them, then there is a high probability of having a successful campaign and more engagement. 

3 – Forgetting a call to action. In every email marketing campaign we always have the objective of generating or increasing our business. We should always remember to establish a call to action button in our email marketing so that our subscribers are consuming our information/products/services and we are reaching out goals towards a successful campaign. Call to action can be a purchase, download, sign up, view , listen. 


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