Task 2 : Assignment 5

Notes for Task 2

  • TripAdvisor, became the place to go if you needed a review. People share their first hand experiences at a specific place, city, institution. 
  • Airbnb online experiences is probably the best example of content marketing as Airbnb knowing there is travelling restrictions, is still giving a monetised platform for those who are worried about their hospitality income. This saves a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry and keeps everyone sane. Comparing to other agencies/travel companies , they were the ones to innovate and overcome the COVID Challenge. 
  • Intrepid blog comes up on top as it describes the raw part of travelling where travel enthusiasts want to live everything as it should be without any luxuries. This blog enables people to shares stories and imagine themselves on thrilling adventures.

Link for full presentation for Assignment 5 -> https://www.slideshare.net/Ricardtorrao/inbound-and-social-media-marketing-assignment-5

Link for Video pitch -> https://youtu.be/n3k4kydTwC4

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