Assignment 4 : Task 1

A brand comes from a way of identifying a certain organisation with a specific of value, perception, propose, skillset and offering. When brands have this in place, they differentiate from each other on various aspects of their offerings leading to different brands having different attributes and what they actually stand for. 

Within branding there is personal branding and corporate branding. 

Corporate branding comes as a representation of a whole institution or company. Where different departments put together, work towards a vision and objective of this bigger picture. While personal branding exists within corporate branding. Personal branding is a representation on each one of us and how we are distinct from each other and how we can valuable our abilities can be to others. 

Personal branding is about finding our unique capabilities and building a reputation around them. It’s about becoming unique and seeing a value for it. 

Social media has given a great push towards personal branding in our generation. Social media has allowed everyone to expose themselves in terms of their abilities and what they can offer to other people and corporations (e.g Influencers, free lancers).

The use of social media also allows for personal branding to generate constant growth. If we focus on personal branding development within social media, we can use this for:

  • Redirection links from our main social media pages to our blogs, which allows to increase engagement with potential clients
  • Engagement surveys, which allows our viewers or followers to exchange their views and their habits allowing us to accommodate our content for them (increase engagement and follower base plus credibility)
  • Running our own podcasts or even webinars, which allow for your followers to get a closer look into our personal branding and our uniqueness. This also serves as a platform to showcase information in a more updated way other than just text. 

Some great personal branding that I have come across are the likes of :

  • Elon Musk ( Founder of Tesla, even thou he can be controversial at times, he has developed very strong personal branding that his name is known all over the world every time there are talks about technology)
  • Casey Neistat ( vlogger, known for his attitude towards pushing the boundaries and disruptive ideation when creating videos for his followers)

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