Assignment 3

Inbound marketing consists of ways, plans and maximising opportunities that will generate a positive impact on possible clients & our business. 

Building Strategies in different funnels in order to attract potential clients and existing ones to our different digital platforms. It doesn’t stop there, we are also converting those visitors and interaction into becoming full time customers. 

Customers need not only to be attracted by our marketing but also sales & customer support when they most need it. 

Bringing it to a wheel of Attracting – Engaging – Delight . 

Building a strong inbound marketing gets our customers and prospects closer to our business as well as give them a sense of intimate relationship with the business. Brings a sense of comfortability and confidence.

In this task we we analyse two organisations that perform their inbound marketing in different effective ways but also identifying their weaknesses. 

These are Air New Zealand & New World a New Zealand based supermarket. 

Air New Zealand

As the main airline from New Zealand , a great inbound marketing is needed. Creating a great practice in this field not only makes the business grow for them but also makes the Locals proud and supportive towards their local airline over others. 

Their website design is of great looks & easy navigation. It is clear in their communication but also inviting towards the visitors in navigating the whole offer. Navigation leads to Offers, Rewards programs in the forms of Air-points / Miles scheme, Car rentals, hotel bookings (with partnership with Expedia) and a big highlight  to the smart content in the page as it’s detected the customers IP address it generates content related to where the visitor is navigating from  (my case Asia, it is showing me the best destinations in Asia).

There is also a very easy connection to the rest of the social media such as : Instagram , Facebook , Youtube & Twitter ; with content up to date.

New World Supermarket

As a very well know online supermarket and physical store for those who support the local production of goods, their approach to inbound marketing is noticeable. 

Their website is of easy navigation and with great focus on Price point promotions, online store & recipes for customer satisfaction. Social media is up to date interactive as well. 

With these two organisations in hand I have noticed strengths and weaknesses in both:

Air New Zealand

S: Great focus on navigation & engagement with customer in order to achieve sales.

W: Lack of movement in website (videos, moving images), some of the images are still a little bit cliche. 

New World 

S: Playbook showing the items that are on Special and the navigation within. Price drop promotions leads for customers to purchase online rather than going to the physical store. Survey system also gives them a win situation with customers. 

W: Lack of bots in order for customers to feel there is a closer communication and assistance which could lead to Delight and conversion. Lack of Video Content. 

In my opinion the best organisation within their inbound marketing is Air New Zealand as for the way all components interact with each other. As a potential customer I learn about the product  (offers, deals related to me ) – ATTRACT , following engaging content – ENGAGE  & having assistance straight away from a Bot – DELIGHT. This gives a full marketing inbound experience for the customer. 


HubSpot (2019). What is Inbound Marketing? | HubSpot. [online] Available at: [ Accessed 13 Nov 2019]

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