Task 3 – Technology impact in the World

Brief Story of the Internet

Internet originated in 1960, although mostly used and developed by the Government as it required a lot of equipment to be ran as well as a certain level of expertise in technology. It was used for communications that needed to be safe and of very high confidentiality.

The internet when on to spread and now it has become something more than half of the world has access to.

Out of 7.16 Billion people, 4.14 Billion have access to the internet!

Access to the Internet

Past 5 years the access to the internet has become easier. Depending where we are situated there will always be a difference in speed & accessibility. Not forgetting that whichever the device we are using will also interfere in these two points.

Different countries will also have differences when it comes to access to the internet , more developed countries will have an easier and faster acess such as for example Asia, Europe, America comparing to Africa. However super important to mention a great growth in internet users YOY, with Africa on top of the list with a 20% growth.

The most popular digital devices used by the audience is by order : Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets & Others such as Gaming Devices.

The most common and hit websites on the web are Youtube. Facebook & Google. This gives us the information that most of the users of the Internet are consuming Video Information rather than text or any other form.

Youtube is a platform with an estimate daily visitor of 5x a day for anyone who has access to the internet in the world.

Apart from consuming information , we have now moved from visiting physical stores to online stores. 62% of Americans are now purchasing products online at least once a month ! This creates a huge impact on the physical stores as they cant compete with Online store expenses.

The Internet has also allowed us to reach and make use of it for different things such as networking, sharing music, gaming & online financial services which makes life simple for a lot of people.

We citizens of the world have now become dependant on the internet and technology in general.

We have become lazier in certain things but smarter in technology.

Please find full presentation : https://www.slideshare.net/Ricardtorrao/assignment-2-evolution-of-digital-marketing

Video presentation : https://youtu.be/fiZLh95Bi5c

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